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Conservative therapy is based on taking anthelmintic drugs:

First Steps

In addition to the above drugs, the following drugs may be prescribed

The effectiveness of Modafinil is controlled by instrumental examinations carried out 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after the start of conservative treatment. In the absence of a positive result, surgical intervention is necessary.

Each of these consequences is life-threatening.

It is possible to minimize the likelihood of developing a disease such as anisakiasis in humans by observing simple preventive measures.

Consulting a doctor at the first symptoms of anisakiasis and treatment prescribed by a competent doctor dictate the prognosis of helminthiasis.
Timely appeal for qualified help will make it possible not only to avoid surgical intervention and the formation of complications, but also the transition of Provigil to a chronic form. Ignoring clinical manifestations is fraught with the development of consequences that cause a fatal outcome.
Anisakiasis is a human parasitological disease caused by provigil larvae from the Anisakidae family, characterized by the predominant development of the pathological process in the gastrointestinal tract.
Geographic distribution of anisakiasis. Along with the Netherlands, this helminthiasis is recorded with a certain frequency in many countries of Europe (Great Britain, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway), South and North America, Southeast Asia (China, Korea, Japan and others). Quite rarely, but this disease is also found among the inhabitants of Russia - the Central Region, the Far East, Kamchatka and others.
In connection with the increase in the consumption of the world's population of seafood of low-salt processing, and sometimes in raw and semi-raw form, a certain level of the disease is maintained in almost any territory to which these products can be imported from various countries. A number of literary sources, based on a study of a large population of fish, indicate a high invasiveness of anisakids by almost 100% of Pacific herring from the Japanese coast, 50% of hake in the same region, 25% of cod, up to 35% of pollock, up to 30% of mackerel and blue whiting and a number of fish other types.
Such data should alert a person regarding compliance with the rules for the heat treatment of this product and limit the use of raw or half-cooked fish products. Causes of anisakiasis.